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For detailed information about banking arrangements, please refer to the Scheme for Financing Schools and the following sections of the Financial handbook for Schools which is accessible from:

Part III, Financial Regulations, Section 6, Banking Arrangements and Cash Holdings

Part IV, Guidance, Banking Arrangements and Cash Holdings


in schools only... Documents on this page are only accessible to Hertfordshire schools.





Schools Income Guidance

Schools Income Guidance


HCC Schools Banking with Barclays Structural Reform Programme Jan 2018

Barclays Structural Reform Programme in schools only...
Barclays Structural Reform Programme Uk Ring Fencing Overview in schools only...
Client FAQ's in schools only...

Barclays Fraud Smart Centre

Barclays have produced a number of video clips designed to protect their customers from fraudulent activity. Schools should visit the site regularly for updates in this area.

HCC Schools Banking with Barclays Jan 2016

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions in reference to changing signatories for those who can sign cheques or other financial processes, opening and closing accounts, writing cheques, setting up online banking, local branch banking and carriers, and standing orders and direct debits. Please note that, for security reasons, Barclays and Serco will only discuss the school account with either the authorised signatories or staff who have been delegated authority through the Key contacts form. If you would like to be added as someone who can ask about an account(s), please send in a free format letter, signed in accordance with the mandate for that account(s), to the Barclays Schools Servicing Team.

Please note, the procedures outlined below and in all other related documents are correct in line with policy as of January 2016

  • Useful Contacts
  • FAQs
  • 1.Changing Signatories
  • 2.Opening Accounts
  • 3.Closing Accounts
  • 4.Cheques
  • 5.Online Banking
  • 6.Local Branch Banking and Security Carrier Collections
  • 7.Standing Orders and Direct Debits
HCC Schools Banking with Barclays - Jan 2018 in schools only...

Hertfordshire County Council Schools Finance Team

Barclays Schools Servicing Team

Chris Long - Barclays Diamond Cash Manager

Address: Hertfordshire County Council School Finance Team,
2nd Floor, North West Block,
County Hall,
SG13 8DN,



Address: Serco,
Karen Gibbs,
Post point CHN501,
County Hall,
SG13 9BD

Tel: 0800 027 1321, 8am to 7pm weekdays


Fax: 0800 300 4569

Address: Hertfordshire County Council School Banking,
Barclays Corporate Client Service,
First Floor East,
Octagon House,

This team is your first point of contact for:

  • Bank account balances
  • Bank statement entry details
  • Ordering cheque books and paying in books
  • Cancellation, set-up and amendments to standing orders.
  • Direct Debit cancellations.
  • Open credit arrangements
  • Banking arrangements for non HCC accounts (fund or VA Capital account etc.)
  • Any other general bank queries

Tel: 0345 835 9538, 8am to 6pm weekdays


Chris is your first point of contact for online banking queries.

1. Background to Contract

Following a joint procurement exercise involving HCC, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire County Councils, Barclays have been awarded a five year contract, starting on 1 June 2012.

Barclays offers significant opportunities for reducing bank charges for both the schools and the corporate business.

HCC believes Barclays offers a comprehensive and attractive service to schools and recommends that you take up their offer, to benefit from:

  • Reduced charges you pay for processing of cash and cheque transactions
  • Beneficial Interest rate on FIBCA accounts which are linked to the General account.
  • Comprehensive support team which is available Monday to Friday 8am-6pm
  • A fixed tariff of charges over the life of the contract (the other banks incorporated year on year increases in line with the Retail Price Index)
  • Comprehensive branch network
  • Internet banking for £1 per account, per month.

Please note that the offer from Barclays relates to school accounts over which Hertfordshire County Council has statutory responsibilities, ie your general account. However, Barclays have agreed to apply the same low transactional charges to schools’ private accounts (fund accounts etc).


2. Bank charges and interest rates on FIBCA accounts

Barclays banking charges and interest rates information as of January 2016 is listed below.

Barclays Bank Charges in schools only...
Barclays Interest Rates in schools only...
FIBCA Fact Sheet in schools only...

3. Online Banking gives schools online access to bank accounts. 

Internet banking will give you access to live information when you need and provides a mechanism to make payments securely with full audit trail.

Benefits of
  • Instant access to transaction information
  • Download up-to-date bank statements
  • Initiate payments securely
  • Reduce / eliminate cheque issuance
  • Facilitate faster year-end reconciliation process
  • Dedicated help desk and Webex training are available

How do I sign up?

Please see the Online Banking section in the HCC Schools Banking with Barclays guide.

Download FAQs:
Download Benefits:

Please visit the links below for further information on

HCC Guidance for

This will give you information on

  • security
  • training
  • registration process
  • setting up the system
  • assigning roles to staff
  • features
  • how to record details in school
  • Word 2003, 551kb/28 pages, 16/04/2013, schools_barclaysnet_comms.doc in schools only...

Within there is the facility to export files directly form your accounts software.  We have produced guidance for both the RM Finance and FMS6 software:

Using RM Finance to Produce BACS files
Using FMS6 to Produce Files

If used to the full capacity, amongst other processes, you will be able to

  • make a number of payments in one run, thus negating the need for writing cheques and leads to easier bank reconciliation
  • have live access to balance information
  • run up to date statements

We have received positive feedback from schools who piloted the system.


Banking Forms 2019

Key Contacts Form
HCC Schools Setting up Barclays.Net in schools only...
Completing Barclays.Net Administrator Form in schools only...
Barclays.Net Administrator Form in schools only...
Barclays.Net HCC Schools Benefits in schools only...
HCC Schools General & FIBCA Account Form in schools only...
HCC Schools Fund or VA Capital Account Form in schools only...
Fund or VA Capital Account in schools only...
NatWest Fund Template in schools only...
Open Credit Form in schools only...
Open Credit Form Guidance in schools only...
Stopping cheques with

Schools with Non Barclays Bank Accounts


Banking Outside the HCC Barclays Contract 

General account

HCC is ultimately the owner of the funds in the General account of  any maintained HCC school. If you wish to change your General account banking arrangements, you must contact School Funding on      

Fund/VA Capital/PTA/Other accounts

As these accounts do not contain HCC funds, it is the school’s responsibility to manage these accounts. This includes opening and closing accounts as well as changing signatories. These accounts are legally owned by the Governing Body of the school, who should ensure these accounts are properly managed. HCC has no involvement with these accounts.


Banking with NatWest  

Schools that did not change from Nat West to Barclays under the new HCC contract in 2012 will have their existing General account changed to a new Nat West account as the pooled banking arrangements no longer apply.

As the ultimate owner of maintained schools funds, HCC will be contacting schools to arrange the transfer of the General account to a new Nat West account when the banking arrangements detailed in the previous section Schools with Non Barclays accounts will apply.

If schools wish to close, open or amend the General account, please contact School Funding email:

Other private accounts can remain with Nat West. It is the school’s responsibility to manage these accounts and arrange for any changes as necessary.

Closure of NatWest Fund Accounts

Guidance on Opening a New Fund Account and Closing Current NatWest Fund Account

Letter template to NatWest Requesting Fund Account Closure


Purchasing Cards

Maintained schools are able to access a purchasing card through a central Hertfordshire County Council contract with Natwest.  The card can be used to make telephone, internet and some in store purchases.  There are no card or transaction fees associated with the card.

Purchasing Card General Guidance
Additional Billing Unit Form and Guidance
Cardholder Application Form and Guidance
Amendment Form and Guidance


Depositing Cash


The preferred way of collecting income is by electronic income collection. The Authority has a contract for the provision of these services with Wisepay. If you would like to know more about this, please go to:

Drop and Go

Barclays Drop and Go is a secure and quick method of paying in cash and cheques at Barclays bank branches. To register for this service please contact your local branch.

Barclays Drop and Go in schools only...
Banking Couriers

If schools wish to use a banking courier, the contract needs to be arranged by the school directly with the courier and it must comply with Barclays requirements.

Banking Courier for Schools in schools only...

Please can schools ensure that all cheques banked have been stamped on the reverse side with the school stamp.


Fund Accounts, VA Capital Accounts and Non HCC Accounts

The money in Schools private, governors and PTA accounts is not the responsibility of HCC and HCC has no involvement in the opening, closing or operation of these accounts.

The offer from Barclays relates to school accounts over which Hertfordshire County Council has statutory responsibilities, ie your general account. However, Barclays have agreed to apply the same transactional charges to schools’ private accounts (fund accounts etc).

If you wish to operate a Barclays account for the school’s non HCC funds, please contact Kirsty Freeman  on 0207 116 8864

For information on school’s private accounts, change of signatory mandate and a template letter for closing a Nat West fund account, please see below.

School Fund Accounts and Other Non HCC Accounts in schools only...
Fund Account Mandate in schools only...

Schools wishing to change the authorised signatures on their fund/private account will need to use the above form and not the General Current account and FIBCA account’s form and send to Kirsty Freeman at Barclays once completed. Instructions for completion of this form are given in the School Fund and other non HCC accounts document.


Transitional Issues

This gives guidance on the exit arrangements with NatWest:

Closure of NatWest Accounts in schools only...