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Walk to School

Walk to School 2019

Register now for your free Primary Walk to School Challenge 2019 and help the children of Hertfordshire to be more active everyday

Get your best foot forward for this year’s challenge starting on the 20th May 2019 with the start of Walk to School Week and continuing on to Clean Air Day 20th June 2019 event.

Buster, Hertfordshire’s amazing stepasauraus is walking around Hertfordshire to encourage active travel and cleaner air. As well as getting more children to walk, scoot and cycle to school they will also discover the opportunities around the county to be more active and enjoy the great outdoors.  

The Walk to School Week pack will include a double sided poster and stickers for each class. There will be a letter included that can be sent to parents explaining this year’s Walk to School Challenge  and how we would like them to support their children and school. Included in the pack will be an information sheet about local parks and green spaces they can visit.

Register now at  

Taking part in Walk to School Week is a great way of getting our young people more active. This benefits everyone by reducing congestion outside schools and on the roads of Hertfordshire.

For more information contact:  Lindsey Day at the Active and Safer Travel Team 01992 556803.