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Behaviour on Home to School Transport

Step Up

Hertfordshire's transport team have produced this very helpful poster to clarify everyone's roles in ensuring safety on home to school transport. 

Please display them, share them with pupils, parents and staff. 

They are a timely and helpful addition to your positive behaviour strategy and your preparation for Ofsted.

Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy

Hertfordshire has a statutory duty to publish a Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy.  This aims to reduce car journeys to educational establishments, improve child road safety, health and the quality of the local environment.  This information may help families take travel and transport into consideration when they consider new schools for their children. 

An electronic version of the full strategy and the parent summary can be found at:

Home to School  Travel and Transport Statutory Guidance

Statutory guidance for local authorities on sustainable school travel, and school travel arrangements for children and young people (July 2014)