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Below is a non-inclusive list of Energy Management products and services to help reduce the energy consumption of your School:

Low Cost Solutions

AMR Live Energy Monitoring - some Schools will have this in place. It is an excellent way of tracking the energy consumption of your School. Having gas and electricity readings every half an hour enables you to track when and how much energy is being consumed at any one time and assess the impact of any changes you make. The “Live Energy Monitoring” page can advise on your School and AMR.

Heating controls - one excellent way to make significant energy savings is ensuring your heating controls have sensible time and temperature control. Your caretaker may be able to look at this but if not a heating controls contractor can be utilised at fairly low cost to investigate this for you. A heating controls contractor would also look at any potential controls upgrades to improve your efficiency further. Upgrade opportunities are likely to be possible with a lot of School heating systems and they can be made using Salix Loan Funding. (Please note AMR “Live Energy Monitoring” is an excellent tool for assessing the need and impact of heating controls work).

Heating boost buttons – As part of improvements to heating controls (see item above) energy can be saved by installing a boost button facility for your heating system. This can be utilised for out of school hours use of the building rather than having to enter permanent timezones into the heating controller. There might be the additional possibility of enabling the boost to only bring on certain parts/zones of the heating system saving more energy. The best way to explore this potential opportunity is to liaise with an M&E contractor, however, if you have a boost button in place already you might be able to arrange with your caretaker only. Any works required are likely to be low cost.

Thermostatic radiator valves – locally control the amount of heat produced in each room from its radiators.

Switch off sockets – can be programmed to switch off pieces of equipment when they are not needed according to required times.

Draught Proofing – of windows and doors reduce building heat loss. Your caretaker may be able to look at this or a specialist contractor can be used who will complete a survey of the School with recommendations for areas that would benefit. This could become a high cost item depending on the survey outcome.

PVC Curtains – Schools with nursery and reception students that have free play as part of their curriculum will benefit from the installation of PVC curtains. These simple strips of PVC allow the children to pass through to the outside safely and at the same time keep warmth in and cold air out.


High Cost Solutions

Lighting upgrades – lamp technology has improved significantly in recent years, offering major efficiencies in energy consumption. Typically for a primary school up to 50% of electricity will be used by lighting. An upgrade to LED lamps will typically result in a 50% reduction but a survey by a lighting professional will determine the business case. Lighting upgrades of this nature can be installed using Salix Loan Funding.

Voltage Optimisation – Historically electrical energy has been supplied to buildings in the UK at 240v. However, modern equipment specifications desire an operating voltage of 220v. This incompatibility has led to an increased consumption of electricity by many buildings. Small scale voltage optimisation is available and will typically provide a 7% reduction to consumption although a survey is required to determine the business case. The following link explains more about Voltage Optimisation, there are many suppliers of this technology in the UK.