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Changes to Online Monitoring

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR). The AMR contract has recently been re-procured and those Schools that elected to stay in the contract now have their Electricity AMR provided by Npower and Gas will be provided by Total Gas & Power. The gas is still in a transitional period due to the individual meters being exchanged but we expect that these will all be complete by April 2016.

Currently you may still be able to access the BG360 website to view your AMR data, (although not if your gas has been transferred to TGP) this will discontinue at some point soon but you are be able to view your AMR data on the Systems Link (SL) website you currently use to view your invoices. Systems link will hold all the historic AMR that was on the BG360 website so this data will not be lost. This will mean you only have one place to go to view your data rather than several different websites. The EMT are currently working on the SL website to improve the reports for both invoiced and AMR data, however there are a couple of reports on there currently that you can use now to view your AMR data. The way to run these reports is described in the attachments below. The AMR Profile report shows the AMR data like a heat map, identifying usage in a visual rather than graphical manner and is very useful for identifying irregular patterns of usage. The AMR graph report shows you a similar report that you would have seen on the BG360 website, where you can see the data in a graphical format as bar charts or line graphs and vary between showing half hourly or daily information.

Whilst we are in this transitional period the AMR data will be uploaded on a weekly/monthly basis rather than day + 1 as it was on BG360, however this will be on a day + 1 basis by the start of the new financial year.

If you are having trouble logging in to Systems Link, viewing the AMR reports or have queries on the data the reports show, please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The guide “Getting the Benefit from AMR” helps to understand how to interpret the AMR data, indicating which sort of anomalies may occur at your school and what the possible causes and remedies may be.’ Whilst doing this it might also be useful to refer to the Products and Services page

Getting the Benefit from AMR
AMR Profile Report
AMR Graph Report


Best Use of AMR

We recommend that key individuals within site management and financial management teams regularly monitor AMR data.  The objective should be to control usage on working days so that energy is only consumed when needed. AMR will allow you to identify how much energy you are using each half hour throughout the day.

On non school days considerably less energy should be consumed. In some cases the target should be zero usage especially for gas during the summer holidays. 
Good management of a schools energy use will translate to lower bills. If a school pays 10p per kWh for electricity, and 5p per kWh for gas, then substantial revenue budget savings can result.