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Herts County Council logoSalix Funding – available to schools but through a different route

Salix is an interest free loan that pays the installation costs for new technology and improvement that are directly linked to reduction in energy consumption.  Salix loans have to repay within five years so detailed equipment surveys are undertaken to ensure this criteria is met. Payback is dependant on the technology that is to be replaced. Full return on investment can be achieved within three years. Savings in energy consumption pay the loan back. Once the load in paid back the school received the full benefit of the reduction in utilities bills.

Salix have recently introduced a new funding mechanism by which schools can apply direct to the Salix fund to support energy saving initiatives in your school.  This scheme replaces all other scheme previously administrated by Hertfordshire County Council.

Please see below a 2 page flyer, application form, single fuel compliance tool and application & background notes relating to this programme.


You can also visit the Salix website which has links to these documents:

A common query Salix have received from schools and academies in relation to this programme is how they can accept a loan. The DfE have been working with ministers and are in the final throws of getting Secretary of State approval and exemption for maintained schools and academies to be able to accept a loan from Salix finance exclusively for energy efficiency projects. Once approved, this will be announced by the EFA to all schools. However, Salix are accepting applications and committing projects in advance of this.

This Salix funding is on a first come first served basis. Once all the funding is allocated, applications will go on a waiting list for the next round in a few months time.

N.B. If your School completes a capital return please include any spend on Salix funded projects that exceed the current deminimus of 2k. The repayments to the Salix fund over the payback period should not be treated as capital. If you are completing a renewable energy project through Salix please refer to the renewables page for guidance on PV offers including the requirement for landlord consent.


Business Cases to the R&M budget

Please remember as per previously, business cases submitted for funding from the Repairs and Maintenance budget can be complemented by including the potential energy efficiency impact of the proposed upgrade.


Other External Funds

Other External funds are available to schools. The table below details funds that schools may bid for:


Eco Schools Energy

Some of you will know of the eco schools energy offer that is currently available. This is a finance offer for the upgrading of your lighting to LED type and the possibility of upgrading your boiler to one that uses biomass; wood pellets as opposed to fossil fuels.