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Since October 2008 there has been an Statutory obligation to display a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) in a prominent place in buildings occupied by public authorities and institutions providing public services where the total useful floor area of the building exceeds 250m² of useable space.  (This threshold was changed in 2015 from 1000m2.)

It is the School’s responsibility to commission the survey and production of the Display Energy Certificates (DECs) and Advisory Reports for their blocks (and ensure these are renewed as required) The School’s own budget covers the commission of Display Energy Certificates and Advisory Reports. Each qualifying block must have a valid DEC and Advisory Report.

HCC do not provide a recommended assessor for schools.  Schools will need to make direct arrangements for the delivery of DECs.  A list of DEC assessors can be found on the Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificate Register:

Legal information about DECs can be found here:

Statutory Requirement for Building Energy Certificates

HCC frequently receive Freedom of Information Requests concerning DECs at Public Buildings. In the event of a Freedom of Information Act Request being submitted to the County concerning DECs, there may be a necessity for the School to liaise with the relevant assessor further in order to enable HCC to collate a full response to the Enquiry.  HCC will not be able to cover any costs levied by the School's own Supplier in such circumstances.

A sample DEC can be found below:

Sample DEC

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