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What to do in an Emergency


If you smell gas call Transco immediately on 0800 111999.
An engineer will visit site to ensure all is safe. If the issue is to do with the mains pipework or the meter please take a note of the engineer’s job report number and what the issue is and then contact the Energy Management Team as we can help arrange this for you. If the engineer identifies the problem is ‘post meter’ i.e. anything from the meter onwards this is deemed as ‘site side’ which will require a Gas Safe engineer to resolve.The school can arrange that themselves with their own engineer.


If you have an electricity power cut please call UKPN on 0800 783 8838 or from a mobile 01243 508838 they will be able to advise how long the problem is expected to last. If you encounter any other issues please call the Energy Management Team.

Changes to your gas and/or electricity metering

If your school are looking to move a meter, upgrade a supply, put in a new meter or remove an obsolete meter. Please contact this team to discuss the works and the process. It should be noted that this type of work usually has a lead time of minimum three months so it’s important for us to know ASAP.

Conversion to Academy

If your school is considering converting to an Academy then there will be some changes to the gas, electricity and liquid fuel contracts as Academies do not have access to these HCC corporate contracts. This is the only situation where a school can leave the corporate contract.

The following options are available for gas and electricity:

  • Arrange your own contracts
  • Contract directly with LASER

Academies must make arrangements for liquid fuel (heating oil).

There are key notice periods to ensure smooth transition and to avoid any unnecessary charges to the Academy

As we become aware of a schools potential conversion we’ll write directly to the school with details specific to each site. This will include, amongst other things, details of any outstanding billing and meter read requests. However if you have any questions regarding the effect of converting to Academy on the gas and electricity contracts you are of course welcome to get in touch to discuss.

Energy Sales – Cold Calling

We have recently become aware that schools are being approached by companies suggesting potential ways to save money on energy costs e.g. offering cheaper prices, challenging VAT/Climate Change Levy.

Whilst the majority of these companies are legitimate there are a number of rogue traders also offering these services. We strongly advise caution when discussing any of these matters with anyone cold calling.

We are of course keen to help schools save money and work hard to achieve good pricing etc. However the options suggested by such companies are not always appropriate and can simply be incorrect. In addition we may be able to assist and won’t make any further charge to do so whereas these companies will make a charge or take a percentage of any savings.

It is also important to note that schools CANNOT sign Letters of Authority in these matters as the supply contracts are through Hertfordshire County Council not directly to schools. This has been confirmed following legal advice. If you are asked to sign one please contact this team.