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You can access SAP at:

Teachers' Performance Ratings

Implementing Teaching Staff Performance Related Pay (PRP) Decisions: Guidance
Teachers’ Performance Related Pay (PRP) Input

Teachers’ Performance Related Pay (PRP) FAQs

How to record performance ratings for teachers including example scenarios and FAQs

Teachers' Performance Management

For more information on Performance Management for Teaching Staff go to:


Support Staff Performance Ratings - May 2018

For further information on PRI please contact your Schools HR Adviser.

Authorisation for entry of Performance Ratings is given via RTE. To request additional users of RTE please complete the below COM03A form for each user at the School and return to:

Service Delivery Manager,
Serco Schools HR,
Schools Reporting Applications,
4th Floor,
County Hall,
SG13 8TN

The form can also be submitted by email to

Please note that there is no authorisation step for Performance Ratings, therefore no Authorisers (RTA) will be required for approval.

Should you have any enquiries, or wish to discuss any aspect of RTE, please contact SAP Support on 01992 555000 (Comnet 25000).

The following documents are only available to download from within a Hertfordshire School

in schools only

Guidance for Schools for Entering Performance Ratings
Guidance for Implementing PRI Decisions
PRI FAQs for Schools
Form COMO3A Schools Remote Timesheet Access
Performance Related Increments Policy

Both the Pay and Performance Appraisal Policies and the PRI Policy are available on the HR Services Portal on the HfL website at for subscribing schools.

For more information on performance management including guidance on implementing PRI and the PMDS forms visit: