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School Milk

Introductionmilk bottles

The contract for school milk is currently with Dairy Link. The School Meals Finance Team continueto work closely with the supplier to ensure that the service runs as smoothly as possible.

Ordering System

HCC operates the milk ordering system to manage the delivery of Milk to schools which has simplified the ordering and invoice processes for all concerned and this remains in use.  Changes to  the milk order can be changed with 3 days notice. Changes need to be entered on the system by 10am.  Example: Change made on a Monday will take effect from the Thursday onwards (3 days notice). 

If you have any problems operating or accessing the system please contact:
The Help Desk
Tel: 01992 555000 option 1,  then follow options for milk monitoring or


Any delivery issues should be addressed in the first instance to the Dairy Link help desk on 01785 286 823 ext 303.  Please make sure you quote your customer number which can be found under contacts.  If a satisfactory conclusion can not be reached then please contact School Milk Finance Tel: 01707 292530


Schools will retain the fridges supplied by the previous contractor and Dairy Link will supply fridges to schools free of charge where the daily requirement is over 40 units (third pints).  Please contact the contract manager to discuss your requirements.

Semi Skimmed Milk

Since September 2007 government nutritional guidelines for food and drink served in schools stipulate that milk given to children over 5 years of age has to be semi-skimmed. 

The Government aim is to tackle obesity in children and see this as an important change. By swapping to semi skimmed milk, the children will not lose out on their calcium intake as calcium levels are very slightly higher in semi skimmed milk than whole milk.  The majority of the vitamins and minerals remain the same; it is simply the fat content that is reduced.

Milk is a vital contributory factor to the growth of good strong bones and teeth and therefore it is important to a growing child.  A 189ml carton of milk provides half the daily requirement of calcium of a 6 year old child. (The Dairy Council).

School Milk Prices

The price for milk is set by the School Meals and Milk Finance section and schools should charge parents of infant and Junior aged children (5 to 11 years) who pay for milk the following prices:


  • Summer term 2019 £15.60

Nursery milk remains free of charge.  This includes pupils in reception who are 4 for the whole of the term.

Only Infant and Junior aged children entitled to benefit related free school meals are also entitled to free school milk.

Training and Information Pack

The Training and Information Pack can be printed off by clicking on "Schools Guide to School Milk Orders" at the right hand side of this page.

Service Monitoring

HCL finance team monitors the day to day delivery of the service on behalf of HCC and conducts an annual review of the contractor’s performance. The Buyer and The Supplier meet on a regular basis to review the delivery of the service.

Help and Support



Milk system issues

Help Desk Tel: 01992 555000 option 1 then follow the options for milk monitoring or


Contact Dairy Link Help Desk Tel: 01785 286 823 ext 303

Service issues

School Milk Finance Tel: 01707 292530


School Milk Finance Tel: 01707 292530

Finance issues

School Milk Finance Tel: 01707 292530