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Each year themed audits will be selected to cover areas perceived as being of greatest risk to these corporate objectives, whilst also considering the requirements of the External Auditor and the assistance that is provided centrally by HCC to schools. A sample of schools, including nursery schools, education support centres and secondary schools will be visited during the course of the year and covering the various themes. 

Here are the summary reports after completion of the audits in schools.

GDPR Schools Summary Report 2018-19
IR35 Schools Summary Report 2018-19
IR35 Schools Summary Report 2017-18
Financial Planning Summary Report 2016-17
IR35 Audit - Schools Questionnaire
IR35 Audit - Questionnaire Intructions
2017/18 Themed Audits SFVS
Safe Recruitment Summary Report for Schools 2016-17
2016-17 Key Points From The SFVS Audits
2016/17 Themed Audits SFVS
Schools Income Management and Controls
Schools Budget Setting, Management and Control
Pay and Performance Management Summary Report 2014 -15
10 things we learnt Summer 2014
2014/15 SFVS Interim Summary Report Summer Term
2013/14 Financial Governance Audits
2011/12 Contracting Themed Audit
2011/12 Governance Themed Audit
2011/12 Budgetary Control Themed Audit
2011/2012 SFVS Returns Analysis