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The Shared Internal Audit Service (SIAS) Schools Internal Audit Strategy outlines the risks to achieving HCC objectives that relate to schools i.e  those risks which could negatively impact on the achievement of the objective to ensure a positive childhood and a good education for all.

Each year themed audits are identified which focus on areas perceived to represent the greatest risk to the achievement of HCC’s corporate objectives.  The identified themes also consider the requirements of the External Auditor and the contribution that the identified work might make to centrally provided schools’ services.

For each identified themed audit, a sample of schools are visited during the financial year and assessed for compliance with the identified controls for that theme. The findings are initially reported to each individually audited school for confirmation of the findings and agreement of the recommendations.  A single consolidated report is presented to Children’s Services within HCC and learning points are circulated to all schools via the school bulletin and the Grid.

Auditors spend approximately one day in the school to gather evidence. At the end of the day the Auditor will meet with the Head (and the Chair of Governors, should they wish to attend) to provide an outline of the findings and proposed actions. A draft report, and then final report will be issued thereafter.