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Electronic Income Collection in Schools

Notice for Schools Concluding Arrangements with WisePay

Schools that have chosen to conclude their arrangements with WisePay will have a separate contract with GlobalPayments to cover merchant costs. To ensure that costs are not incurred for statements from GlobalPayments, schools should check their contracts and if they are paying for transaction statements contact GlobalPayments and cancel this arrangement.

Note that schools that have chosen to put direct arrangements in place with WisePay do not need to take any action.

Electronic Income Collection in Schools

Schools are reminded that the HCC Contract with WisePay concludes at the end of this month. Schools that have a Service Agreement under this contract therefore need either to put a direct contract in place with WisePay or make alternative arrangements for a new system. HCC has put a centrally negotiated interim arrangement in place with SchoolComms but schools can contract with a supplier of choice provided that they have followed their internal procurement arrangements.

Electronic Payment System - Hertfordshire Schools - 12th October 2015

Following the conclusion of the WisePay Contract in Hertfordshire, an interim arrangement has been put in place with SchoolComms whilst Herts Catering procure a longer-term replacement system.

Schoolcomms is aiming to have all schools that sign a Service Agreement by 21/10/15 up and running by half-term.

Schoolcomms will provide further details around the role and responsibility of the school prior to go-live.

For details of the offer contact

Update for Schools on a Centrally Procured Electronic Payment System - 28th September 2015

Following Simon Newland’s email to all Heads last week confirming that WisePay have chosen not to extend the core Contract for the provision of an electronic payment system, sufficient interest has been expressed by schools in putting an interim arrangement in place while HCL procure a replacement system. Teams from across the Council including Legal, SITSS, FSS and Strategic Procurement are working together to an such arrangement in place as quickly as possible.

Whilst there can be no guarantees at this early stage, potential providers have indicated that a new system could be in place for the end of October. As indicated in Simon Newland’s email, there will be some work for schools in transitioning systems, the extent of which will be clearer once we have proposals in place.

We are working with Heads Associations to ensure we engage schools in the process. 

If you would like further details of the arrangement please contact Catherine Tallis on

Schools should note that they will be able to join this arrangement at any point during the year by contacting Catherine.