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Fireworks and Halloween Safety

Hertfordshire Constabulary Halloween and Bonfire Night Poster 2013

The fortnight around Halloween and Fireworks/Bonfire Night is the busiest time of year for the police and fire service as the number of incidents they are called to increase.

Halloween posterA high percentage of these incidents involve children and teenagers, who at this time of year can also be exposed to increased risks through trick or treating, being out and about on the roads after dark and through handling fireworks. Hertfordshire Constabulary has designed a poster aimed to remind children and teenagers about the potential dangers around this time of year and reduce the risk of them becoming involved in anti-social behaviour.

Primary schools can download and print the poster via the link below.  Secondary schools will have A3 versions of the poster sent to them via Schools PCSOs. 


Halloween and Bonfire Night Safety Quiz 2013

To be in with a chance of winning four free admission tickets to Willows Farm Village and Farm Park (for ages 5-8) and four free admission tickets to the Harry Potter Studio Tour (for ages 9-16), take our quiz and register your details!

This year we have split the competition prizes into two categories: -

  • 5 - 8 year-olds.
  • 9 - 16 year-olds.

The winner of the 5 - 8 year-olds category will receive a family admission ticket (2 x adults and 2 x children) to Willows Farm Village and Farm Park.

The winner of the 9 - 16 year-olds category will receive a family admission ticket (2 x adults and 2 x children) to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour - The Making of Harry Potter in London.


Safety Advice to keep Safe during Halloween and Bonfire Night

Some of the issues to discuss with children around trick or treating, fireworks and doing ‘penny for the guy’:

  • We don’t want to spoil people’s fun – just make sure everyone stays safe and has an enjoyable time
  • Never go trick or treating, or collecting ‘pennies for the guy’ alone – always be accompanied by an adult
  • Don’t knock on the doors of strangers – for your own safety always visit people you know and look out for signs where trick or treat calls are welcome, such as pumpkins and other Halloween decorations in the windows or on doorsteps
  • Keep your Halloween ‘tricks’ safe – anything deliberate that results in damage to property or hurts someone is a crime
  • When you are out and about at night you should wear bright clothes and remember road safety rules
  • An organised display is the safest way to enjoy fireworks
  • Fireworks are noisy (which can upset very young or elderly people as well as pets), they can cause damage and they can cause serious injury if not used properly
  • You have to be 16 or over to buy ‘novelty’ fireworks, such as sparklers, caps and ‘serpents’ and 18 or over to buy ‘adult’ fireworks
  • It is an offence to let fireworks off between 11pm and 7am except on November 5 when the curfew is midnight.