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Fireworks and Halloween Safety

Hertfordshire Constabulary Halloween and Bonfire Night Poster 2014

The fortnight around Halloween and Fireworks/Bonfire Night is the busiest time of year for the police and fire service as the number of incidents they are called to increase.

Halloween posterA high percentage of these incidents involve children and teenagers, who at this time of year can also be exposed to increased risks through trick or treating, being out and about on the roads after dark and through handling fireworks. Hertfordshire Constabulary has designed a poster aimed to remind children and teenagers about the potential dangers around this time of year and reduce the risk of them becoming involved in anti-social behaviour.

Halloween and Bonfire Night Poster 2014


Halloween and Bonfire Night Competition 2014

To be in with a chance of winning four free admission tickets to Willows Farm Village and Farm Park (for ages 5-8) and four free admission tickets to the Harry Potter Studio Tour (for ages 9-16), take our quiz and register your details!

They have split the competition prizes into two categories:

  • 5 - 8 year-olds.
  • 9 - 16 year-olds.

The competition will close at midnight on Sunday, November 9th, 2014, and entries made after will not be counted.


Stay Safe and Enjoy Halloween

During Halloween, officers from your Safer Neighbourhood Team will be carrying out extra patrols in your area to keep you safe.

Halloween can be a great and fun time, but for some people, it’s not an enjoyable day and they may get scared or frightened by other’s actions.

It is important to remember to be aware of your behaviour and to take the simple steps to remain safe.


  • Police don’t want to spoil people’s fun – just make sure everyone stays safe and has an enjoyable time.
  • Never go trick or treating, or collecting ‘pennies for the guy’, alone – always take an adult with you.
  • Don’t knock on the doors of strangers, for your own safety always visit people you know.
  • Keep your ‘tricks’ safe – any deliberate behaviour that results in damage to property or hurts someone is a crime.
  • When you are out and about at night you should wear bright clothes and remember your road safety advice.