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Transport Policy for Post 16-19

Transport Policy for School and College Students Aged 16 -19
September 2010


Customer Care Standards

Hertfordshire County Council is committed to providing excellent customer service. The Strategic Management Board and Elected Members have agreed a consistent set of Customer Care Standards for the whole organisation. The standards cover every service interaction we have with our customers, whether it’s face to face, over the telephone or in written correspondence. They represent our aspirations for customer service and are based on best practice from within our departments and other high performing authorities.

As schools, you are customers for many staff within CSF and these standards will affect schools as they will govern all interactions between colleagues and customers alike . They will also affect contact we have with parents/carers and children. It may be that in the absence of a similar set of principles, your school might wish to adopt the customer care standards. Over the coming months we will be working with all staff to incorporate these standards into our every day working lives, and will measure our performance against them.

If you already have a similar set of standards in place for your school, how does this document complement it, and is there anything we might learn from your experiences? How does your school value, and how have you helped to promote good levels of customer service?

You can view the Customer public-facing version of the standards at the following link:

If you have any questions or comments about this please contact:

Effective Use of Email

Guidance for making effective use of email between CSF and school staffs

Handling Conflict with Visitors

As the first part of a programme of advice and guidance to be issued to schools regarding the handling of the conflict with visitors to schools, attached are sample letters notifying visitors of their unacceptable behaviour.

The three letters attached are available from Hertfordshire schools only and cover the following:

  • warning a visitor that their conduct on a given date was unacceptable and that any further unacceptable behaviour could lead to them being banned from the school premises
  • Word97, 21kb/1 page, 2/5/02, warning_let.doc
  • a second letter banning a visitor from the premises following further unacceptable behaviour;
  • Word97, 22kb/1 page, 2/5/02, barring_let.doc
  • a third letter to cover the eventuality of a visitor's conduct being sufficiently severe that they be banned from school premises without the initial warning letter;
  • Word97, 21kb/1 page, 2/5/02, serious_conduct_let.doc

Prior to issuing any of the above letters it is important that Headteachers contact the Education Solicitor in the County Solicitor's office on 01992 555 520 seeking advice as to whether letter is appropriate under the particular circumstances.

Parental and Pupil Access to School Records

The County Secretary's Department has issued up-dated guidance for schools regarding access by parents and pupils to school records. This guidance has been issued to comply with the Education (Pupil Information)(England) Regulations 2000 and the changes to access to information governed by the Data Protection Act 1998.

School-based Complaints

The Councilís suggested best practice guidance to assist maintained schools in dealing with school-based complaints has been revised (September 2017). For a full list of amendments and updates, please refer to page 4 of the new edition of the Model Procedures for Dealing with School-Based Complaints (Issue 8)

Issue 8 of the HCC Model Procedures for Dealing with School Based Complaints
Model Procedures for Dealing with School Based Complaints Ė Template letters

A copy of the Councilís school template letters.

HCC School Complaints Advisory Service

Hertfordshire County Council has developed an advisory service for schools wanting advice and guidance on handling and responding to complex complaints. The service will be provided by the HCC Complaints Team for Children’s Services from September 2018.

There will be a dedicated complaints helpline for schools to phone in order to obtain specialist support and guidance in relation to formal or complex complaints. Requests for advice can be made by telephone or email.
The service will be available Monday to Friday, from 9.00am until 4.30pm.
The benefits for schools:

  • Schools will be able to ensure compliance with their complaints process
  • Schools will receive Independent expert specialist advice and support
  • The service can be used to gain information about any changes in the legislation that may affect school-based complaints
  • Advice will be provided by complaints professionals trained in the area of school-based complaints
  • The service is open to all types of state funded school to purchase
  • The service is highly cost effective when compared with the costs associated with compensation payments for complex or protracted cases
  • Optional Complaints Training for each school’s Designated Complaints Leads annually should a school’s purchased time allocation not be used
  • Optional review of a school’s complaints policy (Annually or when legislation changes) to ensure compliance with current legislation should the school’s purchased time allocation not be used.

Purchasing the Service

An annual subscription charge will apply as follows:
£150 (+VAT if applicable) per term for 3 hours of support and advice as outlined above. Total: £450 per year.
£50 (+VAT if applicable) per hour for any additional hours purchased.

In order to aid service planning and capacity, an annual agreement would need to be signed and returned to the Complaints Team.

In addition, with regard to more specific areas of complaints, the Complaints Team has access to the Legal Team which can advise on specific legal matters relating to complaints (separate charges will apply).
If you would like to purchase the service or require any further information, please contact Kam Bhangal, Complaints Manager on 01992 556169.

Changing School Session Times

The following Policy and Practice document is obligatory for Community and Voluntary Controlled schools, and is also recommended to all Foundation and Voluntary Aided schools, and Academies as an example of good practice.

The new Policy and Practice document replaces the former issued Policy, which became redundant when the previous Changing of School Session Times (England)regulations 1999 were rescinded.

It is very important that all schools are aware of the financial implications for them concerning any existing transport routes, and  also of the need for an equality impact assessment on any possible changes.

Further advice is available from Greg Holmes. Tel. 01992 588530 or email

CSF4287 Policy and Practice for Changing the Times of the School Day


Safe Use of Images in Hertfordshire Schools

Schools often take photographs of children to use in the school prospectus and publicity, on the school website or in DVD/video recordings. Images of children at the school may be released to, or taken, by the press and media. Read on to make sure you are following the correct procedures.

Hertfordshire County Council have produced a Safe Use of Images Policy, which aims to help all staff understand the complexities of using images, especially of children. The policy has a section which is specifically relevant to schools.  There is also a template consent form for use by schools which can be adapted for your own individual requirements. 

The consent form states that once images are online there is little control over how they are used or who can look at them, so it is important to use this form and ensure that parents understand the implications.

Specific information about sharing images with the media is available on the intranet:

The HCC policy and consent forms are available below.

CSF0072 Safe Use of Images Policy

Please note that these forms are a template for staff to use as a guide. They should be adapted to suit your own needs and purposes.

CSF0072 Consent Form for use by Hertfordshire County Council Schools
CSF0072 Image Consent Form For use by Hertfordshire County Council Staff
CSF0072 Image Consent Form - Easy Read Version

It is everyone’s responsibility to take all reasonable measures to ensure that:

  • the correct permissions are in place before taking or using images
  • images are used appropriately and only illustrate positive contexts; beware of sensitive issues such as adoption, bullying, abuse, drugs etc.
  • an image is not sent to a third party
  • an image is only used for the purposes stated on the consent form or in the licence agreement
  • the photographer is credited where necessary.
  • an image is not used after the date that the consent or licence expires

It is important that staff do not download and keep images in their computer files, as this increases the risk of an image being re-used for a purpose not covered by the licence or for which the permission has expired.  If you have an image stored on your system and you are unsure of the terms of usage, please delete it.

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has published guidance about 'Data Protection and Taking Photographs in Schools' which can be found on its web site:

If you still in doubt or would like further guidance about images, please contact the HCC Communications Team on 01992 588534 or email