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Doing Your Research Project
  • A guide for first-time researchers in education and social science
    Judith Bell
    Open University Press,
    1999, 0 335 20388 4
Issues and Principles in Educational Research for Teachers
  • BERA,
    2003, 0 946 6711 6
Research Methods in Education
  • 5th edition
    Louis Cohen and Lawrence Manion,
    2000, 0 415 19541 1
So You Want to do Research!
  • A guide for teachers on how to formulate research questions
    I lewis and P Munn
    1997, 1 860 03032 7
  • Also a series of guides on the practicalities of carrying out research
An Introduction to Classroom Observation
  • 2nd edition
    E.C. Wragg
    1999, 0 415 19440 7
Research Outcomes from MEd in Teaching and Learning
  • University of Cambridge, 2002

Research Based Teaching Strategies

Educational Evidence Portal (EEP)Educational Evidence Portal (EEP) new

“a critical tool for developing an evidence-using culture in education – part of the infrastructure needed to access research findings”.

The Teacher’s Toolkit
  • Paul Ginnis,
    Crown House Publishing
    2002, 1 899 83676 4
Creating a Learning to Learn School
  • Research and practice for raising standards, motivation and morale.
    Toby Greany and Jill Rodd,
    Network Educational Press Ltd
    1 855 39186 4
Extensive Ranges of Accessible Books

On research-based teaching and learning strategies, including accelerated learning methods, are available from:

Teacher-Led Development Work - Guidance and support
  • David Frost and Judy Durrant
    David Fulton Publ
    2003, 1 843 12006 2
It’s About Learning (and It’s About Time). What’s in it for schools?
  • Louise Stoll
    Dean Fink and Lorna Earl
    Routledge, 2003, 0415227895
Passionate Enquiry and School Development
  • A story about teacher action research
    Marion Dadds
    Falmer Press
    1995, 0750704330
Early Childhood Educational Research
  • Issues in methodology and ethics
    Carol Aubrey et al
    2000, 075070745 3
Subject Leadership and School Improvement. Ch 10.
  • Hugh Busher and Alma Harris
    Paul Chapman,
    2000, 0 761 96621 8
Thinking Through Teaching
  • A framework for enhancing participation and learning
    Susan Hart
    David Fulton Publ
    2000, 1 853 46626 X

Reflectice Teaching
  • A series of books by Andrew Pollard and published by Continuum.
    From the Teaching and Learning Research Programme
    (University of Cambridge)
    Supporting website


    Practical Applications of Research in Education.
    Biannual, NFER
  • NFER News
    Using Research in Practice

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Topic is a collection of articles on current research issues, written especially for teachers, students, researchers, academics and educational administrators, which provides plenty of practical advice.

Topic is published twice yearly (Spring and Autumn) by the National Foundation for Educational Research, with the active cooperation of the Scottish Council for Research in Education. Please note, however, that the conclusions drawn and the opinions expressed in Topic items are not necessarily those of the NFER or the Scottish Council for Research in Education.

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Toolkit 1-Planning your Research Project