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Hertfordshire Schools Award Schemes

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Primary Language

Primary Languages Quality Mark (PLQM) new

  • The Primary Languages Quality Mark™ (PLQM) is designed to help primary schools audit, embed and evaluate their foreign language provision through a series of incremental stages that have been developed with the new curriculum for primary languages in mind.

    It will guide schools towards best practice and help them meet the new national requirements as set out in the Programme of Study for KS2. The current OFSTED Subject-Specific Criteria for Languages have also been taken into account in the level descriptors for the Quality Mark.


Yvonne Kennedy

Hertfordshire Anti-Bullying Accreditation


Karin Hutchinson


  • recognises schools with a high level of provision in the arts

  • awarded annually in May, lasts 3 years

All phases

Suzanne Rider







Clare Mellish


Liz Shapland

Charter Mark

  • the national standard of customer service excellence

  • can apply when wanted, lasts 3 years

Public service /

All phases


Community School Award - North Hertfordshire College

  • recognises the outstanding school within the community that goes above and beyond the call of duty to help others

  • awarded annually in April



Healthy Schools

  • awarded to schools that aim to develop an ethos and environment that supports learning and promotes the health and well-being of all

  • can apply whenever wanted, lasts 3 years

PSHE, healthy eating, physical activity and emotional health & well-being /

All phases

Liz Biggs

Herts Quality Standard (HQS)

  • reflects that the setting (school/nursery) meets the HQS criteria and provides a high quality service and environment that exceeds the requirements of the Ofsted standards

  • awarded biannually, lasts 3 years

Early Years / Childcare

Katharine Weston

ICT Mark (migrated from Naacemark)

  • recognises a school's success in developing and implementing a strategic approach to ICT

  • lasts 3 years

ICT / All phases

Ann Layzell

International School Award (ISA) updated

  • encourages schools to establish ongoing links with international partner schools, and then develop an ongoing programme of international activities

  • reviewed every 3 years

Schools with the Award:




Investors in People (IIP)

  • the IIP Standard is a business improvement tool designed to advance an organisation's performance through its people

  • can apply when wanted, reviewed every 3 years



Leading Aspect Award new

  • recognises leading practice that exists in schools

  • apply when ready with a self-assessment

  • if awarded with a kitemark it lasts for 3 years



Leading Edge Partnerships

  • provides capacity for practitioners to work together in the drive to raise standards in education

  • waiting for statement as to future




Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) new

  • This is a joint project led by the Association for Science Education, the Science Learning Centre East of England, and Barnet Local Authority.

    The project is piloting the Primary Science Quality Mark™, an award scheme to develop and celebrate the quality of science teaching and learning in primary schools. Schools can achieve bronze, silver and gold awards.


Joanna Conn

Specialist Schools

  • schools, in partnership with private sector sponsors and supported by additional Government funding, establish distinctive identities through their chosen specialisms and achieve their targets to raise standards

  • every 6 months to bid

Languages, Maths & Computing, Science, Technology, Sport, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Business & Enterprise, Humanities /



Training Schools

  • demonstrate excellent practice across the range of teacher training activities



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