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Hertfordshire Schools Secure File Exchange Portal. (Schoolsfx)

Schoolsfx is Hertfordshire’s web-based Secure File Exchange portal that enables schools to send and receive confidential files securely with third parties irrespective of any other electronic communication tools they use.

Using Schoolsfx does not require anything more than a standard internet connection.  It uses standard internet conventions and principles but within a controlled environment.  Schoolsfx does not install or delete any software components on your PC.

Schoolsfx is a simple file exchange system that enables you to securely transfer confidential file/s to other users via an internet browser. The system requires a user to register using an email address. This email address is then used to notify the user they have file(s) awaiting collection.

As a start-up to using Schoolsfx we have already registered accounts for the Head@ and Admin@ email accounts for each school.  The credentials will be sent via two letters in the schools post.   Other members of staff can register for the service providing they have an email address and have the need to send confidential information securely.

Schoolsfx User Guide
What is Schoolsfx?

Schools requiring assistance with Schoolsfx should contact the ICT service desk:           

Tel: 01438 844777 option 1 then option 2 or email

Important - What Schoolsfx is not!

Whilst Schoolsfx uses your email system to send alerts about secure files ready for collection, Schoolsfx is neither an email system nor does it integrate with any email system.

It is not a File Storage System; files are automatically deleted within 14 calendar days without exception.

It is not a replacement for the following:-

  1. Schools should continue to use the “Secure Access” website as directed by the DfE.  e.g. sending Common Transfer Files (CTF) etc.
  2. Schoolsfx should not be used for sending statutory data e.g. school census\school workforce census to the HCC data collection and information team.  You must use AnyComms Plus for transmission of this data.