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Chat Rooms - Introduction

What is a Chatroom?

A chatroom is a space online that allows users to chat with others.  A user is usually requested to register with a host site before entering the chatroom for the first time.  Chatrooms and community groups are places where users share common interests or discussions on common themes.  They are open spaces and many chatrooms are not moderated to filter or monitor the behaviour of the users.

Keeping Safe

When using a chatroom , remember that one of the attractions is that users are anonymous!  Some users will pretend to be someone or something that they're not and so it is a good idea for children to be supervised when using chatrooms.

Chatrooms do have benefits though and there are spaces that have been created especially for children and are monitored with a moderator on hand at all times, be it a person, a word filter, etc. Groups and chatrooms offering guidance to people going through problems or seeking advice can be invaluable in helping them through.

Keep your Personal Details Private

Don't give out your full name, age, phone number, address or email address.
smile and stay safeIt is worth remembering that users are in control at all times and can leave a chatroom whenever they want.
Make sure young and vulnerable people know to report any chat that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Follow the Smile and Stay Safe rules for social networking and chat.