You are in: HGfL eServices » Online Safety » Social Networking & Chat Rooms » Guidance Guidance is a social networking website that enables users to ask and answer questions. It has become popular with young people and there are millions of users around the world. Partly because of the ability for users to post anonymous questions, the site can be abused and used for cyberbullying and the posting of obscene and offensive messages. There have been several national stories about how the negative use of has resulted in tragic events with young people. is frequently used by children under 13, despite the terms of the site stating that users have to be older than this. If children and young people are using the site there are steps they should take in order to manage the risks and improve their safety.

Online Safety Advisers from the Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children Board have created a guidance document and a video to highlight these steps.  Please note that following this guidance does not make the use of safe, and there will always be risks associated with its use.