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Responding to an eSafety Incident

When an eSafety incident happens it can, at times, be difficult to decide how to respond. To support schools with making the right decisions we have developed three eSafety Incident flowcharts. These flowcharts have been developed by the HSCB eSafety group which comprises of a wide range of professionals, including Child Protection, Hertfordshire Police, Governance and Schools HR. The flowcharts have been piloted by schools and will continue to be refined, based on future feedback. We have included contact details so that schools have someone they can discuss concerns with and be advised of the best way forward.

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Responding to a Suspected Illegal eSafety Incident

This chart takes school leaders through the decisions necessary to decide if the incident was illegal provides key contacts and procedures.

Responding to a Non-illegal eSafety Incident

This chart takes school leaders through the steps of managing a general eSafety incident and follows on from the previous flowchart.

Responding to an eSafety Incident where Staff are Victims

This chart supports schools leaders and governors with managing incidents involving staff

ESafety Incident Log

All eSafety incidents should be recorded in an 'eSafety Incident Log'. Schools can develop their own versions or use the Hertfordshire Incident log