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The internet and related technologies, including mobile phones, digital video, blogs, podcasting and social networks are becoming very important in the daily lives of our children and young people.  Increasingly the technologies are being used in the classroom because they enable pupils to engage creatively with their learning.   Socially our children and young people often use the internet for entertainment, interaction and communication with ‘friends’. 

In school, the Hertfordshire Grid for Learning provides for a safe and secure online environment.

Schools have responsibilities for ensuring that all users follow their Acceptable Use Policy.  Outside school access to the internet can take place anywhere and at anytime, so it is important pupils are able to use the ICT safely. 


eSafety Posters

These posters can be printed and displayed around school

Password posterSupport Password Privacy
SMILE and stay safe

The Smile and Stay Safe poster is contained in the Model Policy for ICT Acceptable Use (Incorporating eSafety and Data Security) which can be found at:


Childnet International

Childnet International has produced a number of resources for pupils, parents and school staff. The leaflet 'Be Smart on the Internet' and others can be ordered from Childnet or printed.


Hertfordshire Police

Chatright aims to show young people and parents how to use the Internet, mobile telephones, blogs and gaming safely.


eSafety in the Primary ICT Curriculum

The The Herts for Learning Computing Scheme for Primary Schools promotes the safe and responsible use of ICT.  The planning input offers a progressive approach to eSafety throughout the primary phase with in-built opportunities to assess pupils understanding and awareness.

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