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Useful Plugins for using HGfL

What is a 'plugin' anyway?

In the context of using the World-Wide Web, a plugin is a small program which is added to your Internet browser (often Internet Explorer or Netscape) to extend the capability of the browser to perform a certain task. Such tasks may include:

  • showing video clips within a web page
  • playing audio clips within a web page
  • viewing animations
  • viewing certain types of files (such as an Adobe Acrobat PDF document)

Plugins are generally available for both Internet Explorer or Netscape and Windows, Mac and other operating systems (see Special Note below).

What sort of plugins will I need to use HGfL?

To use the majority of pages on HGfL you will not need to have any plugins as most of the pages do not contain multimedia content. Examples of where you will need plugins are:

Special Note: Hertfordshire OS Maps

These service requires particular programs to be installed on your computer and has other restrictions as detailed below:

  • The Hertfordshire OS Maps application requires a small program to be installed on each computer that the application is used on.
  • This program handles the special Ordnance Survey map data so that it can be displayed in Internet Explorer - note that this program does not work in Netscape.

Test Your Plugins

We have prepared a special page which will enable you to test your plugins.