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Hertfordshire GridThe new Hertfordshire Grid website

On this page we will give you updates over the coming weeks on the new Grid website to go live early in 2021.

Searching the new Grid website

This is the fifth of a series of updates to tell you about the new Grid website to be launched in the spring term (the launch date will be advised shortly). On the new website users will be able to navigate to pages and content using the menu options on the home page, but will also be able to use a new search facility.

The search has advanced search options allowing results to be narrowed by type of content - news, content pages, documents or team contacts. Users can also filter any search results by category (e.g. safeguarding and child protection); subject, phase or setting (maintained school or academy) and to select results by relevance or newest.

For documents, search results can be further refined by content type e.g. policy, guidance, form, model policy etc. enabling a quick way for users to find the latest policy or guidance available or a specific form or template. Multiple filters can also be selected e.g. to find the latest child protection form, users can tick the filters for content in the ‘safeguarding and child protection’ category and for ‘form’ under content type. New or recently updated documents will be flagged in search results.

There will be a searchable list of team contacts under the advanced search option. These are contacts for HfL or HCC teams who provide content on the Grid website. It is intended to help schools locate some of the key contacts they need without having to access the HCC phone book. It is not a replacement for the HCC phone book which covers all HCC staff and is maintained on a separate system by HCC. We will be highlighting how to use the search effectively when the website launches.

The new Grid website - keeping up to date

This is the fourth of a series of updates to tell you about the new Grid website to be launched early in January/Spring term 2021.
From the user research undertaken we know that many staff in schools rely on the Grid on a daily basis to keep up to date on a wide range of topics. 65% of respondents use the Grid daily, with a further 29% using it at least weekly.

On the new website, only the most recent news will appear on the simplified home page with any important updates featured or pinned to ensure users don’t miss them. Users can also choose to view the full news listing page ordered by newest first.

Within the full news listing, users will be able to filter news items by category (e.g. assessment), subject phase (e.g. primary) or setting; for example to see any news relating to assessment in primary schools.

Featured or pinned news articles will appear at the top of the news listing. News items may be flagged ‘for action’ or ‘reminder’.

There will be a quick link to the full news listing at the top of every page on the new site to help you get to the latest news quickly.

What content will be on the new Grid website?

This is the third of a series of updates to tell you about the new Grid website to be launched early in Spring term 2021.

From the user research we know that the comprehensive wealth of information contained on the current Grid is seen as valuable but also that much of the existing content is out of date or it is unclear to schools if it’s still relevant.

It was agreed at the start of the project that content on the new site will be more streamlined and will focus more on operational information and guidance rather than teaching and learning resources as it has done historically. As a result, teams in HCC and HfL have been very busy since the summer reviewing their content and identifying what needs to be removed and what can be moved to the new site. It does mean that many of the free but out of date teaching resources will no longer be available. The majority of content has now been migrated to the new website. Where older documents have been reviewed by teams but are still deemed current, they been given a new date.

On the new site every page will show the logo of the organisation responsible for it e.g. HCC or HfL, and a contact for the team that owns the content. It will also shows dates for when the page was first published and last updated.

Downloads will have the original date of publication displayed where possible and new or updated documents will be flagged on the page so they are easily identifiable.

On every page there will be the opportunity to submit feedback to say whether the page was useful or not and this will be passed on to the appropriate HCC or HfL team.

It will of course be important to keep the new site up to date so you always have the latest information and the new modern website platform will help us identify when content is due for review and updating.

Accessing the new Grid website from anywhere

This is the second of a series of updates to tell you about the new Grid website to be launched early in the Spring term 2021.
From the user research in the summer term, we know that 64% of users would like to access the whole of the Grid at home or another location and over 90% of users said they would be happy to login to access content.

Currently most of the content on the Grid is publicly available, with the content restricted to Hertfordshire schools and academies only being y accessible from within a school. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown the importance of being able to access content on the Grid regardless of your location.

On the new website much of the content will remain public. Content which is currently restricted (e.g. Covid-19, payroll forms, financial documents) will remain so. To access this content you will now be asked to login to access it in school, but you will also be able to login to access it when you are at home or elsewhere, or from a mobile or tablet if you need to. Restricted content or documents will be flagged and you will be prompted to login to access them.

There will be a simple registration process asking you to create a login using your school email address.

What’s happening with the new Grid website?

This is the first of a series of updates to tell you about the new Grid website to be launched early in spring term 2021.

Whilst it may have seemed that things have been quiet since we asked schools to participate in some user research during the summer term, rest assured we have been very busy working on developing your new Grid website and are very excited to start to share how the site is shaping up.

Your feedback was invaluable in helping us to scope the project and to develop a new website that responds to your needs and requirements.  The site has a brand new visual identity and logo for the ‘Hertfordshire Grid’ and has a simplified, clean and modern design with an uncluttered home page. The site has been designed to be responsive to work on mobiles and tablets as well as desktops/laptops.

Through the feedback you provided, we have been able to group content together to develop a new site structure and menu design, which aims to get users to the information they are looking for as quickly as possible and navigate easily through the website.

We were also able to identify some of the top tasks users want to do on the website and have put these together in a new Quick Links section.

We will be inviting schools who took part in the user testing sessions earlier this year to have an early preview of the new website and to give some feedback.

HfL Digital team.