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ICT in Schools Partnership Working Group: PWG Members

Core Purpose

Working across schools, the LA and HfL more effectively to provide efficient, measured support and guidance for schools about IT developments and data security.


The ICT in Schools Partnership Working Group meets termly. Its remit is to advise on areas of policy and practice relating to the use of ICT in schools and to the exchange of data, by electronic and other means, between schools, HfL and the LA. The particular areas include:

  • the use of ICT to promote efficient and good practice
  • the development of electronic communications between schools, the LA, HfL and the DfE
  • the development of the Hertfordshire Grid for Learning and web communications
  • the development and management of Hertfordshire Internet and Connectivity Services (HICS)
  • policies contained within the Children and Young People's Plan (relating to ICT in schools)
  • eSafety policy, practice and future support requirements
  • looking forward to anticipate new challenges and opportunities





Amanda Godfrey

John Grubb

Rob Staples

Tom Evans

Ian Morris

Martin Brown

Karl Newstead

Christine DeGraft-Hanson

Geoff Strack

Graham Lane

Dave Mansfield

Tania Rawle

Andrew Griffiths

Cheryl Faint

Chris Carter

Jennie Readings

Catherine Tallis


December 2019