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Why are Certain Resources only Available in School?

What's the difference between the HGfL intranet and the HGFL internet?

The Hertfordshire Grid for Learning consists of two web sites, the internet site ( and the Hertfordshire Schools' Intranet ( If you are in a Hertfordshire School, you are able to see both of these sites providing your school has purchased the Hertfordshire Internet and Connectivity Service.

If you are outside of a Hertfordshire school (for example at home, or at another school elsewhere in the UK or the world) you will only be able to see the internet site (that means any pages whose address begins

Why is there a difference?

There are a number of reasons for a certain resource being on the intranet (and therefore only available within a Hertfordshire school):

  • It may be licenced or copyrighted
    Certain resources have been bought by the LA under an agreement which allows in-school use only, often because these suppliers market a similar product aimed for parents or pupils for use at home. In order to make the resources available to all schools, it is necessary to ensure that it can only be used in school. An example of copyrighted material is the Hertfordshire Framework for School Self-Evaluation, which contains material licenced to the LA for use in schools only.
  • It may be sensitive
    Some information shared between the LA and schools is not appropriate to share with the outside world and should only be visible from within schools. For example, detailed instructions about the FTP service offered to schools with their web sites is not appropriate to disseminate outside schools, since schools can only upload their sites from within school.
  • It may be paid for by Hertfordshire schools
    Some information and resources are paid for by Hertfordshire schools through the provision of traded services or centralised funding. For example school IT, human resources and financial services.


How can I tell if I can see the intranet resources from where I am now?

First of all, are you in a Hertfordshire school? If you are then it's almost certain you'll be able to see the resources on the intranet. As a secondary check, if you see an image with a tick on it to the right of this paragraph then you should be able to see the intranet, as this image is being 'served' from the machine which delivers the intranet into schools. If you can't then at the moment you don't have access to the intranet from where you are now.

But I'm still a teacher when I'm at home!

We are attempting to put as much information as possible on the internet site and place on the intranet only that which is absolutely necessary. Some of the third party service providers which are available through the Hertfordshire Schools' Intranet have facilities to enable our teachers to access their services from home.