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What is Our Podcast Feed?

A podcast is a bit like a radio series, made up of different episodes. By subscribing to the podcast (there is no cost involved) you can receive each new episode automatically without having to look for it. When you have subscribed you can listen to the podcast on your computer, or transfer it to an MP3 player, mobile phone or other portable device that handles MP3 files. Alternatively you can play the episodes directly from this page, using the HGfL Podcast Player below.

How do I Listen to the Podcast?

There are two ways of listening to our HGfL podcast. The first is by free subscription. To subscribe to the podcast you need to use a type of program called an aggregator. The best known example of this is iTunes, but there are others available. You can also use online readers to receive podcasts, such as Google Reader. To subscribe you need to copy and paste the feed address into your aggregator or reader. To copy the address, right-click on it and select ‘Copy shortcut’ from the menu that appears. For examples of how to do this, watch the videos below.

This is the feed address you need to copy:

RSS logo

You only need to subscribe once. When you have done this each new episode will be shown in your aggregator or reader, where you can choose to download it if it interests you.

Video: How to Subscribe to a Podcast using iTunes

For a better quality video you can download it to your computer as an avi file too:


The second way to listen to each episode is by using the players on the relevant pages. Simply select the episode from the list within the player and click the play button. The episodes cannot be downloaded in this way and can only be listened to on your computer.

Get an Aggregator to Receive Podcast Feeds

There are numerous free aggregators available to download. iTunes is the most famous but there are plenty of others. You can also use some News Readers, eg Google Reader, to receive podcasts:

(please read our disclaimer before using any of these programs or services.)

More About Podcast Feeds

The BBC have some good information on podcasts here: 

For further information and guidance please contact:
Chris Carter on
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