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Navigating Your Way Around the Site

Sections of the Web Site

The HGfL is organised into a number of broad categories, all of which can be accessed from any part of the web site. The tabs underneath the title bar on each page give easy access to the main sections of the site:

HGfL Home:

The HGfL Home Page


The HGfL Intranet Home Page - only available in Hertfordshire schools


Takes you to the general information on HGfL and its eServices such as email, web site hosting and learning platform.


The Curriculum home page, where all of the teaching and learning resources are organised in their various subjects


The Leadership section of HGfL, which is full of resources for those involved in the leadership and management of schools

School Admin:

A wide range of resources for other sections of school, including those involved in school administration

School Web Sites:

Resources to assist schools with setting up and developing web sites, including a list of existing school websites

School Workforce & HR:

Information to support the training and professional development of the whole workforce in schools and human resources information for schools.

Research & Good Practice:

Details of research and good practice in Hertfordshire, including case studies and innovation and research.

Finding where you are in the Site

Just underneath the tabs on each page of the site is a line of information which tells you your whereabouts. Think of it as a trail showing you how to get back 'up' to the home page once you have delved into the depths of the site. For example, on this page, what appears is as follows:

You are in: HGfL eServices » Help using HGfL » Navigating Your Way Around the Site

This tells you the section you are in ("HGfL eServices " - with a link to that page), the sub-section you are in ("Help using Hertfordshire Grid for Learning" - with a link to that page) and finally the page you are on at the moment ("Navigating your way around the site"). The last one does not have a link, since that is the page you are on now. You can click on the links to jump 'up' one or more levels at a time.

Inside the current section

To the left of each page are links within the current HGfL eServices section, since that is the section this page is located in.