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Access to Hertfordshire County Council Information Systems

Hertfordshire schools make use of a number of Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) information systems and HCC are in the process of changing the way some of these applications are accessed. Some HCC applications are already available on the Internet but SeaM, Solero, SAP and the HCC phone directory are restricted to a narrower audience. From 1 October 2017 these applications will be available on the Internet free of charge to all Hertfordshire schools.

Schools that take the Hertfordshire Internet and Connectivity Service (HICS) from Herts for Learning (HFL) will continue to have access to these applications and need not take any further action. All other Hertfordshire schools should contact HCC to make arrangements for accessing these services by emailing If you have any queries please call Peter Shaw (01992 588333) or Susan Scully (01992 555610).

For security reasons we only allow access to these applications from authorised school networks. To obtain authorised status schools will be asked to provide us with their Internet source IP addresses which your Internet service provider will be able to supply. In addition we need you to obtain confirmation from your Internet service provider that your source IP addresses will not be allocated to or otherwise shared with any other customer other than another Hertfordshire school. We are in the process of agreeing terms with HFL which is why their clients do not need to take any action. Schools that do not take the new HFL service and do not arrange access with HCC will lose access to these applications.

Although the new service does not go live until 1 October, SAP, SeAM and Solero are available for testing now and schools are encouraged to contact HCC to arrange access at the earliest opportunity. The test service is not guaranteed to be available until 1 October and schools should retain their existing arrangements until this date. The HCC Phone Book will be available in the near future.

To answer some of your questions we have put together the following FAQs to assist you.

  • Do schools that have chosen to take the new HFL HICS service need to contact HCC? No. HCC are in the process of making arrangements with HFL for this service to be available to their clients.
  • What are the arrangements for schools that do not wish to take a service from HFL? Please contact HCC at the above email address.
  • Will the new service be available before 1 October? The service is now available for testing but is not guaranteed to be available at all times.
  • During the testing phase, will schools that do not take the HFL Internet service still have access to these applications via the current VPN arrangement? Yes. The VPN service will not be discontinued before the new service goes live.
  • How do schools find out what their source IP addresses are? Your Internet service provider will be able to supply this information. They will also be able to confirm whether these IP address are assigned for the sole use of your school. Use by other Hertfordshire schools is also acceptable.
  • Can schools specify just 1 IP address? Yes. We can accept single or multiple IP addresses or IP ranges.
  • Should I continue to use the same login account details for these applications? Yes. These details have not changed and any problems or concerns should be dealt with in the usual manner.
  • What are the arrangements for reporting problems with these applications? You should contact your Internet service provider in the first instance to find out if there is a network problem. If network connectivity is fine then schools should call the HCC ICT Service Desk (Ask Us on 01992 555000 or x25000).